Pozcast: Upfront and Out Loud

Initiative Summary

Pozcast is a monthly podcast production created by and for people living with HIV. Host James Watson, a person living with HIV active in the fight against HIV stigma, and his guests explore what it means to be poz and share stories of resilience, courage and resolve.

Initiative Objectives and Goals

In order to help fight HIV stigma in all its forms, REACH Nexus created pozcast to offer a unique platform for people living with HIV to tell real stories about issues important to them. By shining a light on what's meaningful for people living with HIV through story, conversation and debate, we see more clearly how these issues impact health, lives and work. We also get insight into possible solutions.

The Role of this Initiative to End the HIV Epidemic

HIV stigma is based on fear, misinformation and distorted facts. It thrives in silence. Pozcast offers a platform for people living with HIV to engage in conversation and speak their truth.

Podcasts can be a safer and more accessible media format to share information, while allowing diverse audiences to listen wherever and whenever they want to. Pozcast inspires and informs its audiences, and serves as an important component in our collective efforts to eliminate HIV stigma.

Meaningful Engagement with People with Lived Experience

Pozcast was created by and for people living with HIV. In each episode, the host and guests get upfront and personal on issues that matter to the HIV community through candid conversations about health, work, love and life.

Pozcast is produced by The Positive Effect, a facts-based, lived experience movement powered by people living with HIV and run by REACH Nexus.

For more information, visit pozcast online at positiveeffect.org/pozcast, or send your inquires and comments to pozcasts4u@gmail.com.

Key performance indicators

Primary target audience

People Living with HIV

Secondary target audience

Front-line workers, researchers, general population

Start Date
March 9, 2017
March 2030
Strategic marketing and support tactics

Website, Social networks, Email campaign, Webinars/Seminars

You can listen and subscribe to pozcast on many streaming platforms, including: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Pocket Casts.


Pozcast Number of Listens per Episode: 786 listens: Gay Men Using Meth (Part 1) - Lust, Men and Meth: A Gay Man’s Guide to Sex and Recovery 506 listens: Gay Men Using Meth (Part 2) - Crystal Meth Anonymous: A 12-Step Recovery Program 413 listens: Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U) 378 listens: Gay Men Using Meth (Part 3) – A Harm Reduction Approach 324 listens: Poetic Justice: A Collaborative Re-telling 321 listens: HIV, Fatherhood & Fertility 258 listens: GIPA in the workplace 232 listens: Stigma Stings! 169 listens: Laughing Matters


Season 1 of pozcast wrapped up in 2019, with Season 2 helping to relaunch pozcast from its new home on The Positive Effect in 2020. Season 2 is now airing with new episodes released every month.

We continue to track the number of subscribers, episode downloads and episode listens every day. We are excited to share that pozcast has gone global in reach, tracking listeners from many countries, including: Canada, the United States, Australia, Finland, Germany, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

Some of pozcast’s most listened episodes include:



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