Cultivating innovation,
collaboration and results
from coast to coast

We are a national network of changemakers, including HIV/AIDS researchers, people living with HIV, community-based organizations, clinicians and policymakers. REACH Nexus is structured around seven regional core teams that stretch from coast to coast. Each team has community and academic leads and determines its own regional research priorities. Our national leadership supports these teams, identifies opportunities for cross-regional initiatives and facilitates collaboration across teams on shared goals.

Atlantic Canada

REGIONAL LEAD: Atlantic Interdisciplinary Research Network

AIRN works to share information and coordinate research efforts in HIV and HCV throughout the Atlantic provinces to improve the quality of life of those affected by HIV and HCV and to shape policy and program responses. Coordinating efforts across the Atlantic region has a much greater impact, particularly with respect to information dissemination, knowledge uptake, and policy development.

Our Goal

To coordinate research efforts to support evidence-based decision-making to influence policies, programs, and practices to prevent the transmission of HIV and HCV, and to improve the quality of life of those affected by HIV and HCV in the Atlantic region of Canada.

Our Objectives

1. Conduct programs of research to increase knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS and HCV prevention strategies, interventions, and policy.

2. Enhance collaboration and promote cross-fertilization across disciplines, diseases, methodologies, sectors, provinces, and traditional pillars of research.

3. Provide capacity building opportunities that will increase and enhance skills development in HIV/AIDS and HCV research for stakeholders across the region.

4. Collaboratively shape a regionally relevant research agenda that contributes to the nationally research agenda.

5. Increase knowledge uptake of research findings into policy, practice and services.


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