HIV self-testing approval celebrated and widely covered across Canada

REACH Director Sean B. Rourke interviewed by CP, Globe & Mail, among others

Note: This website was launched on Feb. 18, 2021. The following post is one of a few backdated posts we published with the site launch to share our recent work and activity.

Media outlets across Canada were eager to report on Health Canada's Nov. 3, 2020 approval of the INSTI HIV Self Test, the first HIV self-test approved in Canada.

The Canadian Press noted the approval was:

"...a long-awaited move that experts have called critical to reaching people who don’t know they have the virus."

RCI International, meanwhile, quoted REACH Nexus Director and Scientist, MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions, Sean B. Rourke as saying: 

“This (approval of the self-test) is a huge breakthrough,” said Rourke, noting that if people know they have HIV, they can take one pill and no longer have enough viral load to be contagious. It can change people’s lives..."

The story was also picked up by The Globe and Mail, City News and CBC's As it Happens, among others.