Northern Alberta clinics try out Canadian-made dual syphilis and HIV tests in effort to provide faster diagnosis and treatment

Read about Dr. Singh's exciting work in REACH Nexus and CANFAR-funded study.

Note: This website was launched on Feb. 18, 2021. The following post is one of a few backdated posts we published with the site launch to share our recent work and activity.

Dr. Ameeta Singh's exciting work leading the PoSH study clinical trial for syphilis and HIV testing was recently featured in a University of Alberta press release:

"Alberta has one of the highest rates of syphilis in the country, Singh said. Syphilis screening usually involves taking a blood sample and sending it to a lab, where the serum is separated using a centrifuge and then tested. It can take up to two weeks to get results.

“Syphilis affects populations who are at times hard to reach—they may be transient, have unstable housing or may have mental health or addictions issues,” Singh said. “Because of their unstable social situations, they sometimes don’t return for followup.”

The point-of-care tests in the clinical trial allow health-care staff to test for both HIV and syphilis with a simple finger prick blood test, much like the test for blood sugar. Results are returned within five minutes and treatment with penicillin can be provided immediately.

Singh said it is important to test for both syphilis and HIV at the same time because syphilis increases a person’s chances of acquiring or passing on HIV if they are exposed to both infections at the same time."

The story was covered by multiple major outlets, including the Toronto Star.