REACH joins the AHA Centre in celebrating journal publication focused on allyship

REACH Nexus joins the AHA Centre in celebrating their recent publication of Volume 11 of the Journal of Indigenous HIV Research,​ Navigating Allyship: What does it mean to work together in service to the community?

Community and collaboration are central to our work, and REACH is proud to have worked together on this project as a co-editor.

As the journal’s Letter from the editors notes,  

“AHA and REACH staff chose the theme of allyship in January 2020, not knowing that it would be so timely and poignant. The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, USA on May 25th 2020, and the on-going discovery and proof of children’s remains on formerIndian Residential School grounds across the country in 2021—well known among Indigenous communities, reported in the Royal Commission on Indigenous People (1996) and in the Truth and Reconciliation Report (2015)—have given many of us cause to dig deep, challenging us to question mutually valuable and true allyship, reconciliation and the intricacies of working cross-culturally in good and meaningful ways.  

We knew that the theme of allyship would hold special relevance for our colleagues as we look for ways to work together to create positive change where issues surroundingHIV, Hepatitis C and STBBI are concerned.”

The Volume 11 journal features articles such as Quilting allyship in a time of COVID-19, Making Allyship Work: Allyship Perspectives in a Community-Based Research Study, and Welcoming and Navigating Allyship in Indigenous Communities, among others.

Access the full journal and its articles on the AHA Centre’s website.