RFP (repost): Brand for a health kiosk system

REACH Nexus, part of MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions at St. Michael’s Hospital, Unity Health Toronto, is seeking a fresh and innovative brand to support fundraising and marketing traction for what we are currently calling “health kiosks.” We want your help to rename and brand this initiative. This project is in collaboration with CANFAR and its Strategic Initiatives Fund.

The vendor’s primary objectives in this contract will be to develop a brand and brand messaging for the health kiosks project, and to identify where in the REACH brand framework this new brand should live. Project deliverables are outlined in more detail below.

About REACH Nexus


REACH Nexus is an ambitious national research group working on how to address HIV, Hepatitis C and other STBBIs (sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections) in Canada. Our focus is on reaching the undiagnosed, implementing and scaling up new testing options, strengthening connections to care, improving access to options for prevention (PrEP and PEP)and ending HIV stigma.

REACH has recently been in the media for our work that got HIV self-testing approved in Canada, and for launching our I’m Ready to Know brand, including its I’m Ready research program, to increase access to HIV self-testing and connections to care in Canada.

What are “health kiosks”?

The health kiosks are modified vending machines with integrated software that will dispense harm reduction supplies and HIV self-tests to marginalized service users in frontline environments.

REACH plans to deploy these across Canada in partnership with community-based organizations and the kiosk manufacturers to increase access to harm reduction supplies and HIV testing for populations with complex health and social needs, including those who are street-involved and precariously housed.


1. Project plan

      • The vendors will provide the REACH team with a project plan for all stages of work and approval, keep this         plan up-to-date to track the project process throughout, and actively share its most recent versions with the         REACH team.     
    The project plan will propose stages and timing for the discovery process outlined in #2.
    The vendors will be responsible for identifying any potential snags with timelines and scheduling so that a        quick resolution can be found with the REACH team and the project can be kept on track.

2. Discovery process
In order for this brand to resonate with our audiences (service users, community-based organization partners and their staff, policymakers, sponsors, etc.), we know that stakeholder consultation is essential. The vendors will propose a process outlined in the project plan (deliverable #1) that covers:  

initial review of all existing REACH brands and documentation provided by REACH, plus discussion with REACH staff about the new brand and potential brand directions;

focus groups and/or one on one interviews with stakeholders for brand research; and

soliciting feedback on brand scenarios from select participants who were part of stakeholder interviews once we have progressed to the 2nd round of revision (note that all decision-making will be ultimately within REACH).

3. A bilingual brand including brand name, logo, font, colours and any other visual elements the vendor wants to recommend. This deliverable includes:

                 3.1.  A minimum of three initial options for the visual brand and brand name, keeping in mind two                        potential brand directions to take with each option:  

                       Brand direction #1: In at least one of these options, the visual brand should connect with (or be a                         “sub-brand”) of I’m Ready to Know, while still having its own, uniquely identifiable visual identity.

                          • In this scenario, I’m Ready to Know brand components, like colours, should be compatible.

                      Brand direction #2: this option will position the kiosks as a standalone brand, fully independent                       from I’m Ready to Know.

                       Brand direction #3: The vendor can choose where the third option belongs.

                     The brand options should take aesthetic inspiration from the existing REACH Nexus and I’m Ready                         brands: we want something clean and contemporary that is full of visual momentum.

                 3.2. Up to three rounds of revision.

                 3.3. A simple brand guide.

                 3.4. Greyscale and full-colour logo versions, with full-res EPS files as well as JPG/PNG or GIF file                        versions. (If needed, both print and web-safe versions, also.)

4. Brand messaging

Once the brand’s identity and direction have been finalized, the vendors will produce core brand messaging. This includes:

                 4.1Boilerplate: a concise paragraph outlining the project, its objectives, and how it connects to                   REACH’s mandate.

                 4.2. Purpose statement (otherwise known as a“tagline”): a single sentence that summarizes the project                   in an elevator-pitch style.

                 4.3. Key messaging: In the brand deck that the vendors will produce (deliverable #5) the vendors will                  populate the first few slides with key messaging that expands upon the boilerplate and captures the                  project’s value for our different audiences.

5. Additional brand collateral
With the approved brand visual identity, direction and messaging, the vendors will produce:

                 5.1. A branded PowerPoint template, with a few slides populated with key messaging

                 5.2. A PDF one-pager about the kiosks that is suitable for us to share with potential partners, sponsors,                  or anyone who wants to know the basics. Note: this must be an accessible PDF, that passes AODA                  requirements for accessible PDFs when checked with a PDF checker. This should be produced in Adobe                  CC Illustrator or InDesign, so that the packaged files can be shared with the REACH team for any edits                  later needed.

Proposed work phases

Timing in the work phases is open for discussion according to what the successful vendor proposes in their proposal and project plan. In your application, please outline the project stages and how long each one will need to take.

●     RFP posting date: Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021

●     Proposals due date: 11:59 pm on Friday, Sept. 17, 2021

●     Vendor selection: by Friday, Sept. 24, 2021

●     Planning and discovery process: TBD

●     Brand concepts presented: TBD

●     Final brand and brand collateral delivery date: our goal is to have this project wrapped by Dec. 1, 2021, but we         have some flexibility if necessary. Please specify the project stages and how long you need for each stage of        work, regardless.

Project management

The successful vendor will be expected to perform all project management, including scheduling meetings with the REACH team and stakeholders, taking notes for all meetings with action items tracked and sharing these with the REACH team, and managing timelines throughout the project duration.

Application requirements

To apply for this contract, please provide a 2-4 page proposal outlining how your agency would develop this brand and arrive at three options that take into account 2 potential brand directions, complete with a quoted contract fee that is up to you to determine.

In your proposal, outline in detail the proposed allocation of the contract fees. Please also specify the project stages of work and how long you need for each stage.

You should also include portfolio samples of relevant work, a description of why you feel your team is ideal for this contract, and staff bios for each staff person who would work on this project.


●     Experience developing brands that are both brand-new and designed to integrate with existing brands.

●     Knowledge of both the public and private sectors from a brand and marketing perspective.

●     A team that includes skilled visual designers, brand strategists and copywriters.

●     Sufficient AODA familiarity to produce logos and a visual identity with colour options that have versatility        across media types and work well with copy. Your team will also need to be able to produce an accessible        PDF.

Please submit your proposal to colleen.westendorf@unityhealth.to by Friday, Sept. 17, 2021. Questions? Contact colleen.westendorf@unityhealth.to.