Bringing together the right people with the necessary expertise to end the HIV epidemic in Canada

Our focus is on pragmatic approaches to reaching the undiagnosed, implementing and scaling up new testing options, strengthening connections to care, improving access to options for prevention (PrEP and PEP) and ending HIV stigma.

Bringing New POC & Self-Tests for HIV, HCV and STIs to Market
Prevention and PrEP
Linking Testing to Care
Supporting People Living with HIV
Overcoming Stigma
Building Capacity & Supporting CBR

Building Capacity & Supporting Community-Based Research (CBR)

We are committed to CBR approaches that are collaborative, change-oriented and inclusive, enabling communities to be equal, valued partners in all stages of the process. A cornerstone of our approach includes engaging and supporting people with lived experiences in all of our research and implementation science efforts.

When community members work closely with researchers who have strong training in methodologies, and when academics work closely with community members who understand the needs/concerns of populations most affected by HIV as well as the challenges of delivering programs and services, we believe we will build a culture of learning and equity. Through this process, communities learn more about research while researchers learn more about community. Experts in each context mentor and support one another.

Our support for people with lived experiences focuses on having voices heard and lived experiences respected so we can better understand the contexts, perspectives and circumstances that underlie stigma and discrimination, barriers to testing and access to care and supports in order to develop and deliver pragmatic solutions that will change the life path of every person living with or at risk of HIV. REACH works with community peers to develop their confidence and skills through routine workshops and to support them to be community champions of the latest knowledge and evidence in their communities, as well as change leaders that mobilize for action.

Some recent initiatives focused on building capacity & supporting CBR